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The fun in learning is made online now. One interested in interior design and at least a little knowledge on the same can easily enhance this new method. Attend our free webinar's now.

FREE Online Webinar

  • An interactive session will be held at the end of the week

  • Course duration: 6 days

  • A batch of 50, every batch starts on Monday

  • Easy access to FAVR Earn community

  • Price: 8,000/-

  • 10% discount on Coohom Subscription after completion

Online Group Classes

  • Can be attended by a single person representing a team or a team less than 5 members with interactive sessions

  • Focuses on Architects, Interior design studios, art studios, film studios etc.

  • Course duration: 6 days (Interactive)

  • Price: 13,000/-

  • 10% discount on Coohom Subscription after completion

One on One Training (Online)

  • It will be held at our location or institutes

  • Intensive training with workshops conducted by team FAVR

  • Includes assessments from FAVR to the learners

  • Certificates on completion of the course by Coohom X FAVR

  • Job program-oriented course for selected students

  • Price: 25,000/-

  • Includes 3-month free subscription on Coohom

  • Easy access to FAVR Earn community

On-Site Training with certification

  • Giving a quick basic idea about topics

  • Includes the gist of the syllabus covered

  • Anyone can view it any time

  • Price:2,000/-

Recorded Secessions


Be a part of our team....

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